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The steady Botswana economy has stimulated the confidence of several Batswana entrepreneurs, a number of notable businesses have been conceived as a result. This growth of business activity is asymmetrical to the need for better and improved finance and accounting services, hence the establishment of Finlight.


Our core focus is on small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs). SMMEs might not be the largest in terms of revenue and asset value, on the contrary they have the biggest hearts.


An auto mechanic may know how to debit and credit, we believe he should stick to his trade and leave the numbers to the professionals. In the same way if a car was to stutter, one would know better than to tamper with it, but rather take it to a qualified technician for a better diagnosis.


Not only would this guarantee you a better result, peace and serenity. It would also give you the much needed time to focus on what your business does best.


At FINLIGHT we believe in the need for specialized financial techniques. We offer financial, accounting and management solutions tailor made to meet the business’s needs. 


Our philosophy is that businesses are not stagnant but are ever changing and evolving. The boundaries of business are non-existent, globilization is the norm, a global thinking partner in the finance and accounting industry is what a progressive business entity needs. We do not bench mark ourselves against local finance and accounting entities, but against the best world wide


FINLIGHT prides itself as a pioneer of cloud accounting in Botswana. Our partnership with QUICKBOOKS ONLINE ensures that our processes are streamlined to reduce the time we spend on repetitive functions, and maximized on key functions such as business advice. The efficiencies have been translated into a strong core product, with quality at a very reasonable price.




Our vision is to become a leading global counsulting firm, that can disrupt the way small business consultancy is conducted.


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